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3-year anniversary!

Hi there AppWorks fans,

Welcome to a new installment of AppWorks tips.

Today we celebrate our third anniversary! 🍰 🎁 🎂 🎈 I can still remember my first post on May 17th, 2019!

Let’s do a recap of what we did last year and tell you some facts about the future and what will be in the pipeline.

Let get right into it…

Well, let’s start with a THANK YOU ALL for bringing me valuable feedback and input to fill my backlog with interesting topics on AppWorks. Most of the time topics arise from itself based on my own curiosity and what I see/hear in the arena. So, you are heard, and I will continue listening to help you to a new level of AppWorks knowledge.

Special thanks to these people:

  • My subscribers; The list is getting longer and longer each month. It looks like you love the monthly recap mail about the posts of that month. I will continue this will for sure. If you’re not on the list; !!now is the time to not miss the boat!!. Add the appworks-tips.com domain to your receiving white-list, so the information is not landing in your spam-folder.
  • The ‘AppWorks’ colleagues I work daily with! Sharing is caring, that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do.
  • People joining the monthly calls from OT, and my own initiated monthly call to inform ourselves with the latest information directly from the closest sources at the fireplace.

Why did I start this blog?

I ask myself this question each year…see if the answer still suits the question!?

Well, the blogging started around May 17th, 2019; what was the initial reason? In that time I operated as technical consultant (I still do!) and helped in projects with all kinds of products. I work with Documentum a lot and did implementation based on tools like D2 and xCP. During that time a new products landed in the OpenText stack with the name of ‘AppWorks’. I didn’t know the product, but saw a nice demo passing by in that time which made me believe in a new destination to grow in. In comparison with the already known products this was ‘heaven’ in my point of view! I always have a target on my list to be an expert in the field. After three years of grinding I see trust at other people to also listen to my feedback and input for a certain direction or choice to make. Teaching others is the best way to learn new things, and it brings me happiness to hear it indeed helps others in their own projects! So, for sure I will continue to do that.

Other ‘because’ reasons…

  • …There is still very less information publicly available. OpenText puts a lot of information behind a wall of credentials; I hope the future will be seen otherwise…I know this site makes a difference; Let’s see if OT agrees in the future for their own content.
  • …people still ask me where to start with the product. Well, here…
  • …I want to be “the expert” with the product, and you only accomplice such task when you’re curious on functionalities, ask question, and teach others.
  • …’Sharing is caring’, and it’s one of the best choices ever made in my career! It brings unimaginable fulfillment in my daily work.
  • …Starting a blog isn’t a simple task, but does it bring joy and add value? For sure!! 😀
  • …connection with new people…People need to start believing in you, know who you are, and recognize what you are capable off!

Recap from last year…

Let’s start with some key-quotes from OpenText since last year:

  • The great rethink
  • No cloud…No edge!
  • Bye, Bye “Blue” (IBM)
  • M365 over IBM Lotus Notes
  • OpenText Zero initiative
  • Those who come back ‘digital’, will win!

The last one is interesting. Going digital is for sure an important thing to do, so I’m glad this blog already started before COVID-19 came in. Currently, we’re out of all the pandemic misery, and it looks like we’ve also learned things! The learning has all to do about being digital as at the moment I’m still working a lot from home. I see companies turning offices in the “happy” places where we meet and greet each other. A little ping-pong here; a little table-soccer there; Between all the socializing, we almost forget to work at the office. Keep in mind that the social aspect of work is as important as the work itself. So, find yourself a balance between working at home and meeting your colleagues in the “happy” places we call our office!

Last month I also listened to the TED-talk “The case for a 4-day work week” which totally matches the mindset for the future; Fewer meetings, some socializing, and highly efficient work during a work-day!

What did we post since last anniversary? Well, a lot of interesting stuff to learn from. How about viewing content via Brava! or the great trick to read database (“Northwind”) information via the WS-AppServer connector. Last year we gave some interesting insights on the ‘Identity package’ and the related instance of OTDS with a synchronized partition. Last year we also did a dive on some interesting development features of the platform! How about the “HTML5 SDK” post, the “Google charts API” post, or the “VideoJS” post. As cherry on the cake where we play with the brand-new JS API based on the ‘Promise’ object. Did we get more? Ohw yeah! There is always more…🤗

Make your choice:

Promises turned into actions

Last year I gave a hint 10 steps on…! Well, it’s here…The first booklet “10 steps to learn practical AppWorks fundamentals” is a fact. Not a selling item, but a supportive item for the community! Don’t forget to ‘Sponsor’ the effort…The next booklet is almost ready and will be available soon…

Forum posts are currently done; This is my entrance where I try to help as much as possible, and I already saw some happy faces passing by.

We pick up community building; I already initiated monthly calls with AppWorks specialists in my network. Here we chit-chat about the platform, the possibilities, and the opportunities. Highly valuable for my own career building and to provide my input to others. Last year I communicated about a Patreon page or a Discord server. Let me know in the comments if this brings value!? On my backlog there is an item available to plan a bootcamp on AppWorks; Also comment me on this one as I like to know if any interest is available for this opportunity?

Google Analytics

Like last years we’ll dive into the connected Google Analytics and provide you some inside knowledge about the interesting numbers on this blog site. It’s data created by my followers, so I’m glad to share the information with you all (you have the right to see it)! 💪


Let’s start with the user counts…Still a revelation…compared with last year I see an increase of 151%!!


Well, 18.208 users found the blog-site over 7.251 for the year before…GREAT!! I see also an increase in pages views in the weekends…even better!

Almost 60.000-page views (last year this was 27.000!). Holy crap!!

Where are all those people coming from?


Well, as expected…

The browser they use?


The OS?



How did the users get on my site?



The top 10 pages that are visited?


The OTDS and Documentum posts pop-out in the list…Well, both have a categorization for your convenience! OTDS && Documentum

The page loading time?


Looks great….small peaks, but it’s OK!

Well, I think we will face a bright future with lots of information to share around the AppWorks platform! 😜

Backlog topics (preview) for new posts

My Kanban board is full of backlog items…Let’s see what will be delivered this year:

  • What about the new ‘Intelligent Viewer’
  • My xForm experiences on calling webservices
  • Archiving audit and BPM instance information
  • Drag & Drop development feature
  • BPM monitoring
  • Getting started with the Case Accelerator
  • Do an upgrade on the platform

Ohw yeah, It will be great again!

Quote for this year

“Weekly posting is still #1; booklets are in progress, and a bootcamp is on the list to initialize”!

That’s a ‘DONE’ for our third year of AppWorks sharing! We’ll keep up the grinding work for the next coming years to spread all the information I see in my surroundings about AppWorks. My backlog is not decreasing by far so keep it focused here! We’ll have a fourth anniversary…next year 2023!

Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on the activities happening on this site. Have you noticed the quiz where you find out if you are also “The AppWorks guy”?