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Change the "sysadmin" password with these steps

Hi there AppWorks fans,

Welcome to a new installment of AppWorks tips.

In this post we’ll update the password of some critical users and see if the environment is still up and running after the change. So, this could be a short post or a rather long one…We’ll see what is left over once the update is done! Why this post? As from my experience I know that updating critical accounts might break things on the environment and I just wanted to try it out in AppWorks too.

Let get right into it…

Spin up the VM; Open your design-time in the ‘system’ organization where we login with the ‘sysadmin’ account. The password for me is ‘admin’. In the artifacts explorer open the ‘User Manager’ artifact where we will edit the ‘sysadmin’ account.


We see it’s a ‘Platform’ user and in the ‘Assign Password’ section we can give the account a new password. Let’s just update it to something nicely like ‘Admin@aw02’


Save the account and hit the ‘Sign out’ button in the top left corner.

And login again…Yes…with the new password…Are we fine?

For me it’s fine after clicking around a little bit…Next step…

Update the password of the installation owner account

That is the account on my CentOS image with the name ‘otadmin’. Start a new MobaXTerm session with this account and let’s do our first command to enter ‘root’ with su

Next is the command to give ‘otadmin’ a new password: passwd otadmin

I use the same password ‘Admin@aw02’ again for this user.


Let’s reboot the image and see what is left over?

Do a reboot and grab a cup of coffee…☕

Start a new MobaXTerm session again with ‘otadmin’ where you are asked to give the new password…fine…we’ll update it.

Let’s just open our favorite URL again to get back in design-time…it’s working right?

Well…It’s looks like there is nothing going on when updating the passwords of the 2 most critical accounts…That’s a relief!

Yes, it’s a real easy “DONE” this time…I think the shortest post ever! 😄 Life can’t always be that hard! But now (also) you don’t have to be afraid to just update the password on those critical accounts of the platform. Have a nice week-end and I see you in the next one…

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