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A great tip on fast opening your workspace documents artifact

Hi there AppWorks fans,

Welcome to a new installment of AppWorks tips.

A short post for this week, but a most valuable one as the magic is revealed on how to open your workspace document with the most minimal effort. You know the drill:

  • You wake up…get a coffee and spin up your laptop.
  • You open your browser and click on your favorite URL which directs you to your AppWorks design-time
  • You log in and then…
    • You open the ‘Workspace documents’ artifact (click 1)
    • You select your workspace (click 2)
    • And hit the ‘Open Workspace’ button (click 3)
  • During your day you need to refresh your browser, and the clicking starts over…and over…and over again!

STOP…What if there is a way to open our workspace without any mouse-click!? On refresh! WHAT!?!? Is that possible?…Keep on reading! 😂

Let get right into it…

Login to design-time with your favorite account. In my case ‘awdev’…

I can launch my workspace documents artifact from 3 location:


Click any of them and let’s remove our first click (you probably know that one already!) where we can ‘Remember my choice’:


…ready for the next tip?

…Are you?

…YES…tell me…tell me…!?

Alright…Go to your preferences:


Then go to the tab ‘Startup Applications’ and drag & drop the ‘Workspace Documents’ artifact onto it:


Hit OK and refresh your browser….

Ohhhhhhhwwwwwww MAMA! Why?…Because it can be done my friends! 😍😍

That’s it…A high valuable “DONE” for this week, but it will make your life (again) much easier from now on! Have a refreshing week, and I see you in the next post on a new AppWorks installment.

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