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The explanation of versioning AppWorks releases

Hi there AppWorks fans,

Welcome to a new installment of AppWorks tips.

This post will get you more information on the version labeling that is used in the AppWorks releases. We’ll give an overview with a little history and a small look into the future. It’s nice information to know and you also see where the AppWorks platform has its roots!

Let get right into it…

First some information on the numbering when a releasable package is delivered to the outer world. In the current release cycles, we see a major version of 16. Next to the major release we have the ‘Enhancement Pack’ releases that are also called ‘EP6’ and adds a minor version number to the major release. So, we get 16.6. Next to the EP-releases we get the patch releases. Just starting with number one. So, the first patch release of enhancement pack 6 will be called 16.6.1

For the overview of a 16.6.1 version:

  • 16 = Major release
  • 6 = Minor release (also called the ‘Enhancement Pack’)
  • 1 = Patch release

Version 16.6 is exactly the same as 16 EP6!

Now for a little history in time

Before ‘AppWorks’ was introduced by OpenText it was called ‘Business Operations Platform’; in short term BOP! This BOP product was part of a company called ‘Cordys’. The site www.cordys.com is now forwarded to the ‘OpenText Process Platform’, but maybe nice to scroll a little bit back in time on the ‘WayBackMachine’ on Internet archive


There is our BOP in previous times….


Back to our time where we continue our versioning journey

So, after BOP is taken over by OpenText it got a new name ‘Process suite’. We see the software package is called like this where OpenText likes to communicate in ‘platform’ terminology, so the suite is also known as the ‘Process platform’ where it was released first by OpenText back in 2014 with version 10.5 to be aligned with other products. After this we had some steady years till we landed in 2018 where it was time to rename from ‘Process suite’ to the now know ‘AppWorks’ and later ‘AppWorks suite’.

You see that ‘suite’ and ‘platform’ are used in combination. But you’ll see that ‘platform’ is the ‘AppWorks platform’ itself (incl. CARS) where ‘suite’ combines also these packages (in the latest release):

  • OpenText AppWorks Gateway
    • The mobile platform for the ‘Mobile’ building block configurations on your entities
  • OpenText Brava
    • A lightweight Brava! client for viewing content in your solution
  • OpenText Cordys ReST Client
    • The good old ReST services layer for BPM
  • OpenText Directory Services
    • The authentication spider in the web of OpenText services

The overview in time for the releases

When it was ‘Cordys’

Release Note Time
Business Operations Platform 4.3 (before Cordys is now OpenText) 2013

‘BOP’ taken over by ‘OpenText’ with a new name ‘Process suite’

Release Note Time
Process suite 10.5 contains Process platform 10.5 Q1 2014
Process suite 10.6 contains Process platform 10.6 Q3 2014
Process suite 10.7 contains Process platform 10.7 Q1 2015
Process suite 10.8 contains Process platform 10.8 Q3 2015

No rename, but a version labeling in line with other OpenText products

Release Note Time
Process suite 16 contains Process platform 16 Q1 2016
Process suite 16.1 contains Process platform 16.1 Q3 2016
Process suite 16.2 contains Process platform 16.2 Q1 2017
Process suite 16.3 contains Process platform 16.3 Q3 2017

Rename to ‘Appworks’ with the version labeling in line with other OpenText products. Later on, it is named ‘Appworks suite’

Release Note Time
AppWorks 16.4 contains AppWorks platform 16.4 Q2 2018
AppWorks platform 16.4.1 patch release
AppWorks 16.5 contains AppWorks platform 16.5 Q1 2019
AppWorks platform 16.5.2 patch release
AppWorks suite 16.6 contains AppWorks platform 16.6 Q2 2019
AppWorks platform 16.6.1 patch release
AppWorks suite 16.7 contains AppWorks platform 16.7 Q4 2019

No rename, but again a version labeling in line with other OpenText products. This makes it a quarterly release of the full OpenText product range! Still available are the patch releases for that quarter release like for example 20.2.1

Release Note Time
AppWorks suite 20.2 contains AppWorks platform 20.2 Q2 2020
AppWorks suite 20.3 It’s the future…? Q3 2020

This last 20.2 version is will be the latest release soon. The software can be found on the OpenText support site once the GA is released.

And this gives us a nice overview for the AppWorks GA releases where you see some shifting gears on the version labels. Also, a small dive in history is good thing to know . The name ‘Cordys’ will pop-up in several dark places of the platform…And now you know where AppWorks got its roots from!

Oh yeah…We give it a double ‘DONE’! 😜

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