Hi there AppWorks fans,

My name is Antal Bos founder of ‘AppWorks Tips’.

In my career as a consultant, I used several complex software packages to implement all kinds of projects. In all these projects it’s always a struggle to get the correct information from the correct location. Or even worse, that the information is not even available.

This time a new software package has crossed my career and I decided to do things differently this time. As I always say that ‘Sharing is caring’ I have the intention to share all my knowledge about the software this time on these blog pages.

The software package where I’m talking about is ‘AppWorks’ from OpenText. It’s licensed software, but as a consultant you can always request a temporary ‘developer’ license on the support site to explore the software for your own needs. This ‘developer’ license is also what I will use for explaining all the information on these pages.

One thing I also learned from being a consultant is that increasing technical knowledge on your own is not enough. Helping others on their journey for being a better consultant is even better. This will also bring more joy into your own career and will help you improving your soft skills in a positive way.

My goal is not only sharing the information about ‘AppWorks’, but also to make myself and others a better version of themselves every week…again and again.

Consistency is the most important skill to reach for a higher goal so the intention is to post a blog once every week on Friday where a detailed description will be available for you to read about best practiced experiences and overall features of the ‘AppWorks’ platform.

Thank you for reading these blog pages. Let me know your thoughts so I can inspect and adapt for improvement. Have a nice day a see U on the amazing blog pages that will be made available the next coming years.

More information about me can also be found on my LinkedIn profile on linkedin

Also, feel free to drop me a mail on contact@appworks-tips.com

Cheers, Antal Bos