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Uninstalling CARS the proper way

Hi there AppWorks fans,

Welcome to a new installment of AppWorks tips.

This guide will help you uninstall CARS from your local VM image. Not the hardest thing to do, but when you don’t know what to search for it’s hard to find what you want!

Let get right into it…

Spin up your CentOS image where CARS is installed (AppWorks should already be uninstalled as CARS is the supported layer behind it).

Now make connection with MobaXterm (this tool has a build in X-server that is needed to run a GUI from an installer).

Make sure the send it to the correct DISPLAY variable: export DISPLAY=IP:0.0

The IP can be found on top of your SSH session

Next step is to go to the location where CARS is installed and in there we have the ‘_uninst’ folder cd /opt/opentext/cars/defaultInst/_uninst/

Then give the command to run the un-installation setup: sudo ./uninstaller

Graphical installers are not supported by the VM. The console mode will be used instead…You need to make sure your DISPLAY variable is correct! export DISPLAY=IP:0.0


Click ‘Uninstall’


And click ‘Yes’ to start the procedure…


After some seconds you are already done.


Click ‘Done’ to finish the uninstallation.

That completes our post on un-installing CARS the proper way. The shortest post so far, but it’s a part of the whole journey. Now that CARS is gone, we can start with a brand-new CARS setup again on the VM.

Have a great day, give it a big ‘DONE’ and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates.